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    Where are we?

    Located near University of Santo Tomas Hospital and Perpetual Help College Manila at 1218 Governor Forbes in Sampaloc, Manila


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    Live your best life! Explore more opportunities and be more than you ever imagined, even within the comfort of your home.

    Here at The One Richville Place, we have semi-furnished and bare units available for sale and for rent.

    Bare Units

    Starts at 9500/mo

    Inclusive of kitchen counter top , wardrobe, closet and basic bathroom fixtures

    Semi - Furnished

    Inclusive of bedframe, study table & chair, kitchen counter top, wardrobe closet, and basic bathroom fixtures

    Reach Us


    Mobile: 9171778178
    Landline: 8516-6834


    Mobile: 9478958067
    Landline: 8740-8526 /8740-9387


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