We offer two types of living accommodation - Bare & Semi-furnished units. Our Semi-furnished units are considered 'dorm-type' and can be rented on a per BUNK option; so if you're on a budget, this may be the best option for you. 

Units are available for rent & for sale at the moment! Inquire now. 

Please note that rates below are subject to change without prior notice. Please inquire with us directly for updated rates and room capacities.   

type  Room size   Bare     
good for 1 (MAX 2 sharing)   14 SQM  Php 13,1440/mo min 1 year contract   
good for 2 (MAX 3 sharing) 18 SQM to 22 SQM  Php 16,800/mo to Php 19,040/mo min 6 months contract  
good for 3 (MAX 4 sharing)  25 SQM 

Php 21,280/mo





type  Room size   Semi-furnished     
2-in-a-room  19 SQM  Php 10,000/head/bunk    
4-in-a-room  25 SQM  Php 7,280/head/bunk    

Semi-furnished units are inclusive of the ff: bed frame, basic kitchen countertop, basic bathroom fixtures, private bathroom, 1 cabinet